Matteo Franchi Foto - Black and white portrait of brunette model in studio

The portrait set organized with Matteo Franchi was one of the best experience of the last period. It was my very first experience and he was very very patient. He helped me a lot and put me at ease without any problems. Everything was very professional!

Laura – Model
Matteo Franchi Foto - Color studio portrait of brunette model

Matteo Franchi is a professional capable of putting those he collaborates with at ease. I had a great time, and I can only recommend it. Prepared, creative, kind and ready to grasp other people’s ideas. Splendid experience!

Carlotta – Model
Matteo Franchi Foto - Closeup studio portrait of brunette model

I’ve known Matteo Franchi for a few years and it’s always nice and fun experience to shoot with him. He is a sociable, creative person and likes to experiment. He always has interesting portrait ideas in his mind and I’m happy that we realized some of them together! Thank you!

Martina – Model
Matteo Franchi Foto - Black and white close up portrait of male model

It was wonderful shooting with Matteo Franchi. He immediately put me at ease, I felt like I was with a lifelong friend, he helped me a lot even during the service.
And the portrait shoots, crazy, all gorgeous!
Very happy with this experience, I hope to repeat it soon!

Matteo – Actor / Model